You have invested a lot of time and money into the technology your office uses to operate every day. When your computers do not function as they should, productivity for you and your staff is immediately impacted. You may be losing potential productivity simply because you are not using your current technology to its fullest potential.

Are Your Employees Using the Right Tool for the Right Job?

Let’s face it, employees are not always productive and your business can suffer for it. However, office inefficiencies aren’t always due to lack of employee motivation. In fact, the use of the wrong tools or outdated technology is often the root of the problem. The 1907 advertising slogan, “The Right Tool for the Right Job,” is still entirely relevant in today’s digital workplace.

Have you talked with your employees lately to understand where they feel they are losing productivity? They will likely be happy to tell you where they feel their computers are holding them up, or what type of solutions they need to be able to be better at their job.

How to Put Your Technology to Work for You

There are products and services available that with little to no investment could dramatically increase the power of your office network. For example:

  • Productivity: Did you know that by simply adding a second monitor to a computer the productivity of the person using that computer can increase by as much as 50%?:
  • Data Security: If you utilize an automated online backup solution for your business, your critical data (your most important asset) is more secure, more likely to be recoverable, and can save as many as 10 hours per week for the employee responsible for this task. Those ten hours can be then used to make the business more money!
  • Accessibility: Are you emailing yourself files to work on while at home or on the road, and then having to remember to replace the original file on your office computer later? There are very inexpensive (some are even free!) solutions that will allow you to keep your data safe and sound on your computer, but allow you access and work on it from anywhere.
  • Streamlined Communications: Knowledgeable and efficient service is the key to customer satisfaction. Have you thought about linking a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to a network phone system? Are your employees satisfied with your current phone system? Missed phone calls and lost messages lead to losses in opportunities and revenue. Empower your business with mobility for phone, text and e-mails.

Be Proactive with a Technology Assessment

An annual technology assessment has become increasingly important as business owners need to make informed and increasingly complex decisions about technology solutions and investments. If you are postponing a technology decisions based on concerns over costs, don’t worry. Not all applications and technology investments are costly. Sometimes small changes can be both affordable and highly beneficial to the success of your business and drive profit to your bottom line and keep you ahead of your competition.

Computer Troubleshooters can work with you to assess your technology needs and develop a customized plan for your business. Give your local Computer Troubleshooters office a call and one of their technology professionals will be happy to help you