Slow Computer ?

Is your computer a little old and slow

You might have been putting off replacing it because of the cost or the hassle of reinstalling all your applications. You might just your computer or laptop

Here at CT North Sydney an SSD upgrade is one of the most common type of computer upgrades we do.  So we are doing a special offer with special fixed pricing on SSD upgrades

What is an SSD ?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive.  A traditional hard drive has a spinning platter (disk) that stores your information, this is spinning constantly at around 5000 rpm , these disks wear out over time , getting slower and risking your data due to failure

An SSD has no moving parts. You can think of it as a large USB Flashdrive but one that replaces your internal hard drive.

These are literally 10 times faster than a traditional hard drive

SSD drives are also much more reliable and less likely to corrupt your files

We use Kingston SSD drives, all our drives come with a 3 year warranty

Our upgrade will wake up even the slowest computer. Your computer or laptop will be faster than it was the day it was new

Price includes parts and all installation costs. (In some circumstances the price may vary slightly. If this is the case you will be quoted before any work takes place)

120 GB    $290 inc GST

240 GB     $350 inc GST

480 GB     $420 inc GST

What you get

. We will check your existing computer to see what size drive is appropriate

. Clone your existing hard drive to the new drive

. Replace the existing drive with the new SSD

. Boot and test your computer

. Computer will behave in the exact same way as it did before only much faster

. All files and icons will be exactly where they were  before

3 year warranty on the drive

Call now to book or find out more 

These prices are for PC upgrades. We also upgrade Mac’s , please call for a quote if you have a slow Mac