Terms & Conditions

By using our services (CT North Sydney), you (the Customer) agree to the following terms & conditions;

Payment Terms: Invoices must be paid within the 7 day payment period. The due date will be printed on the invoice.

Responsibility for Data: Securing your valuable data is our number one priority, however we can’t be held responsible for data loss that may result by work carried out. It is always necessary to have a full backup of all your important data. If you are unsure of how to do this please ask one of our tech’s.

Further Works: Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to further work being required. Sometimes we may uncover other issues that were not part of the original work that was requested. Additional hours may be required and may be billable.

Downtime: Carrying out our work can sometimes lead to unplanned downtime of your IT systems. Whilst all care is taken to plan and minimize any downtime to your business, we are not liable for any loss of income that may occur as a result of this downtime.

Equipment: We take all possible care with your hardware and devices; however we are not responsible for loss or damage of any equipment due to theft or accidental damage while in our care.

Warranty: All computers and equipment we supply is covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty, while we will do our best to assist you to make warranty claims, our time may be billable.

Fees (ex GST): $135per hour. Minimum 1 hour charged for onsite work then billed in 15 minute increments of $33.75

Weekend or out of hours work will be quoted as requested.

Remote work is charged at $135per hour billed in 15minute increments of $33.75.

A callout fee of $30 or more may be charged if travel outside of the Lower North Shore and surrounds is required, you will be informed before any work is carried out if this fee is to be applied.