The 7 Deadly Signs You Should Never Ignore

We have all done it, we have all ignored some very blatant signs that something is wrong with our computer.

Unfortunately, this often means we put off calling tech support until we have a real emergency.

To help stop any future emergencies here are our 7 deadly signs of impending computer disaster

  1. Regular pop up messages; This generally means you need to run some system updates on your computer.
  2. Your computer is running very slow; This can be a sign of a hard drive starting to fail needing replacement before it fails
  3. Your system regularly freezes up and forces a reboot for no apparent reason; This may mean you are running out of space & your system may need a cleanup.
  4. You face the “Blue screen of Death” or a blank black screen; This generally happens with older systems and can mean either sectors on your disk are failing or that a malware is the operating system .
  5. An application closes without warning; it could mean you don’t have the latest version of the application or that your operating system is not compatible with the version you are using.
  6. Your system is making noises; Any unusual noise should be looked at right away, clicking or whirring are signs like future failure.
  7. Blinking or flashing screens; Screen resets in the middle of using applications may mean your video card or graphics chip is failing.

If you see any of these signs your best bet to save time and grief is to give us a call.

Call your local Computer Troubleshooters now we can stop impending computer disasters.